Monday, October 15, 2007

Support thread for cidtv

cidtv outputs caller-id information directly to the TV screen, using either newtext2osd or the Tivo's built-in text2osd program. It is a subset of my cidrss program, but does NOT require Tivoweb. It's most useful for those with Series 1 Tivos, since they can assign particular programs to keys on their remotes using the Trickey program. As with cidrss, It works with the two major CID programs on the Tivo - elseed and NCID. Download it at

Please post any comments or questions in this thread.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Omnipage SE on Vista

Omnipage SE won't install on Windows Vista; it gives an error that says "The wizard was interrupted before Omnipage SE could be completely installed." Don't bother trying compatibility mode settings, running as Administrator, etc, because the problem is probably related to this one, documented on Microsoft's support site. (Omnipage Pro 11.0 has some dumb hangup with the msi installer, and that just happens to be SE's internal version number). This program came with my Canon scanner, but Canon's web site says support questions should go to Nuance. Nuance says that SE isn't supported under Vista (works fine under XP, of course.) They WILL be happy to send you a $150 upgrade.

Here's what to do if, like me, you need OCR maybe twice a year:

  • Install Omnipage SE on an XP computer
  • Copy /Program Files/Scansoft to your Vista computer
  • Make a shortcut to omnipage.exe
It won't recognize your scanner, but will work fine on files. So scan into a .tif file first, then run Omnipage. Also thanks to Canon for passing the buck, Nuance for trying to bleed customers, and Microsoft for releasing the version of Windows that finally pushes everyone to Linux.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Support thread for ics2rss

I'm working on a Tivoweb module to take iCal files and convert them. You could use your Tivo as a server for ics files with this, or just broadcast a specific schedule as an RSS feed that could be piped back to your TV or another computer. Specifically, I use this to view my work schedule on my TV. It's still in beta; the big feature on the todo list is web access for the iCal files. Download it at

Please post any comments or questions in this thread.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Msiexec batch file for Vista

Here's a batch file to run msiexec in administrator mode. Just put this on your desktop, and drag and drop the .msi file onto it. It will create a log file of the installation too. Use it as a last resort, as there are some disadvantages to this method.
Wikipedia states:
An administrative installation is not a typical installation, in that it does not create any shortcuts, register COM servers, create an Add or Remove Programs entry, and so on.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Print Shop Premiere Edition 5.0 - print under Vista!

"OK, guys, we've got to leave for Terin's party."
"But Dad, we haven't made him a card yet!"
"Oh. Right. Let's use Print Shop. I haven't installed it yet on the new computer though..."
After installing the program and designing the card, we're ready to print. But Print Shop throws a "General Error" error message (it literally says 'a general error has occurred') and then Windows tells me something like "You can't access that file." WHAT FILE? Anyway, it's an easy fix.
In Print Shop:
File --> Preferences --> Print Settings
Check 'Background Printing' and click OK.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Vonage Voicemail Retriever under Vista

As one of the people that got hosed by Sunrocket last month, I had to scramble to keep my phone number. Soon after, I got a new computer and realized I'd been hosed twice - Vista's audio support is abysmal. There aren't any voice modems working correctly right now, so I had to give up my favorite answering machine program (CallStation) and use Vonage VM. There's a great program called Voicemail Retriever available at Luther Technologies that gives you desktop access to your messages. Of course, it won't load under Vista.
Here's how to install it (once installed, it works fine):

  1. Download and save VMRSetup.msi to your desktop.
  2. Create a shortcut to the .msi file.
  3. Change the target in the shortcut to the following (all one line):
%SystemRoot%\System32\msiexec.exe /a %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\VMRSetup.msi /l*v %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\%~n1.log"

Run it as an administrator from the shortcut. I don't know if the program is supposed to create any Start Menu entries, but this won't. Make your own if you want them. You'll get an installation log on your desktop, which you can delete if everything goes well.

***EDIT*** Here's a batch file that automates this process.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Limited user mode - Canon printer solution

If you have an error box popping up that says the following:
Canon BJC_4300
Error occurred during file creation

then you have a Canon printer that's not compatible with Windows XP Limited User mode. Almost nothing is, after all. Here's how to get it working (tested on a Canon MultiPASS C5500):

  • Set users permission to "Modify" for the folder X:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS.
Just replace X with whatever drive you have Windows on, unless of course it's "X". I've been wrestling with getting my kids' computer to work without making my five-year-old an administrator (!) so I'm sure there will be more of these...