Friday, May 1, 2009

Southwest Ding requires an administrator to install

Seriously? I need to be an administrator to install the annoying little "you are now free to move about the country" notification icon? A limited user can install Firefox but can't install the Ding!? Bad programming if you ask me, but a simple fix:
  • install on another machine as Administrator
  • copy the file DingParser.dll from \windows\system (or system32, if that's where it ended up) to the \Program Files\Southwest\Ding folder
  • zip up the Ding folder and copy it to the other computer, unzip it somewhere convenient, and put a shortcut in your Startup folder

Napster player 512 MB no longer syncs

This probably applies to any MTP sync'd device, but I'm specifically referring to the dmpj-210 512MB Napster player. It worked fine with Vista for years but suddenly was not recognized by the computer, and any attempts to reinstall the driver ended with a "code 10" error. If you've installed libusb-win32 for any reason (like, I don't know, to jailbreak an iPhone or iPod touch) then the problem is with the file libusb0.sys.

Uninstalling libusb-win32 should restore Napster-to-go.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Support thread for cidrss


cidrss takes your caller-id log and publishes it in four different formats. It works with the two major CID programs on the Tivo, elseed and ncid, and requires the very excellent TivoWebPlus 2.x. This thread is the place to post questions and comments. I update the program all the time, so feel free to post feature requests too.
If you find it useful, In lieu of a donation please go to and consider downloading a song or two by the author's musical group!

Vonage messages on your Tivo

There's a great Tivo application called TiVonage, which allow you to listen to and return Vonage calls right from your TV. It requires HME, which means that it's only compatible with standalone units or hacked DirecTV Tivos running the 6.3x software . That leaves out a lot of people, so I got to thinking about how it could be done on earlier software versions. If you have a hacked DirecTivo running the 6.2x software, and won't be upgrading (so as not to lose MRV) than this will at least let you hear your messages. Here's a list of necessary software:

1) Create a folder on your Windows computer for your converted messages, then add a folder named MP3 inside it. Make sure it's in a shared directory, ie:
XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Voicemail\MP3
Vista - C:\Users\Public\Voicemail\MP3

2) If you haven't already, install JavaHMO and get it working, then add the Music plugin. Add your new Voicemail\MP3 folder to the list.

3) Install Sox and Lame. Sox is needed to convert the Vonage file from CCITT u-Law to PCM. Lame is then used to convert to an MP3 that the Tivo can actually play.

4) Edit the batch file to make sure the locations for Sox, Lame and your MP3 folder are correct, then drop the edited batch file into the \Voicemail folder.

5) You need a way to get the voicemail files onto your computer. I use Voicemail Retriever, which works well with Vonage (I run it on boot and keep it minimized, checking for messages and downloading them into the \Voicemail folder.) You could also have the files emailed to you and auto-save the attachments. It might also be possible to email the files to a GMail account and use GMail Drive to access them. Whatever; just get the wave files into \Voicemail (not the MP3 folder).

6) Use Task Manager to call the batch file at a repeating interval. When called it will grab the latest voicemail, parse the name for caller-id info, convert it and save the mp3 , delete the wav and write a log entry. If there are multiple vms it will go through them all, one at a time.

This is a good way to archive your voicemails, too. They'll be saved as MP3s, with all the caller-id information in the tag.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Support thread for screentext


Screentext is a TWP 2.1 module that outputs text directly to the TV screen. It works best with out2osd (which is usually installed with ncid) but will work with the Tivo's native text2osd also. All support questions should go here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Run a batch file with Vista Task Scheduler

Go ahead, try it. Set it up correctly, enter your password if need be. It will NEVER run. This is good, since batch files are intrinsic to DOS/Windows; it would be a shame if they worked.
If you get the error code 2147943726, it translates to "
unknown user name or bad password". Evidently even if you supply your name/password, or perhaps the Administrator combo, Vista will still launch batch files as SYSTEM. Change user to SYSTEM, check "Run with highest privileges", and woohoo.

If you have network drives referenced in your batch file, they won't be available unless you also have them mounted under SYSTEM. Probably easiest to reference them with the "\\computer\root\directory" syntax. "Easiest" being relative, here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Support thread for cidtv

cidtv outputs caller-id information directly to the TV screen, using either newtext2osd or the Tivo's built-in text2osd program. It is a subset of my cidrss program, but does NOT require Tivoweb. It's most useful for those with Series 1 Tivos, since they can assign particular programs to keys on their remotes using the Trickey program. As with cidrss, It works with the two major CID programs on the Tivo - elseed and NCID. Download it at

Please post any comments or questions in this thread.